Violet and the Bird is a project I created my senior year at Rhode Island School of Design in a class called Electric Book, where I was first introduced to the Demibooks Composer Software. I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to work with the software for my final project, which I created using stop motion animation techniques.  My process began by building a 3-D articulated puppet and set. I photographed my puppet in different positions and used still photographs combined with simple animations to add a level of surprise and interactivity to each page.

“Violet and the Bird” is a story about a girl who is trapped inside her apartment and fixed to the television screen. Her life is mundane and orderly until one day she gets an unexpected gift at her doorstep.  It turns out to be a beautiful bird in a yellow cage. The bird’s incessant chirping disrupts her routine lifestyle and causes her to free him from her apartment window. She ends up following him out into the world where she is reintroduced to nature through her other three senses, smell, touch, and taste.The idea behind the story is to get children outside again, something they can do with a portable device like the iPad.